Pre-Sales Services/Consulting

  • Holding unlimited consulting, technical and commercial meetings
  • The evaluation of the customer's purchasing potentialities, and preparing the most suitable service solution based on the evaluation results.
  • Offering various plans for performing the proposed solutions.
  • Over viewing the customers' enquiries and identifying their needs, and describing their genuine expectations.
  • Controlling the orders' clues, and finalizing the orders' parameters.

Sales Services/ Contract/ Operation

  • Preparing the pre-draft of the Sales Agreements at the presence of the clients and based on their needs.
  • Active participation in meetings for the purpose of finalization of the text of the contracts.
  • Arranging for face to face meetings, in order to save the customers interests and fulfill a win-win strategy.

After Sales Services

  • Undertaking to provide the best technical services to save or develop the efficiency of the sold machineries in 24-hour manner.
  • Undertaking the continuous support of the main spare parts for the goods.
  • Arranging for the training courses in different manners (face to face training, telephone training, mail training)
    both inside and outside the country, and updating the customer's data about the products.

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