DF11 Quasi-High Speed Passenger Diesel Locomotive


DFl1 quasi-high speed passenger diesel Locomotive is the principal diesel locomotive for each speedup of Chinese railway passenger transport. It is equipped with 16V280ZJA diesel engine with nominal power of 3860kW, JF204C synchronous main alternator and ZD106 traction motors. The maximum service power of the engine is 3610kW and the locomotive nominal power is 3040kW. It can achieve maximum balancing speed of 167 km/h and 143 km/h respectively when hauling 12 passenger cars (640t) and 20 passenger cars (1100t) on flat track. This locomotive was awarded "First Prize of State Scientific & Technological Progress","State Eighth Five-Year Plan Tackling Key Science & Technology Problem Prize" and the top prize of "MOR Scientific & Technological Progress".
 Performance and characteristics: The microcomputer control system,electro-pneumatic brake system and dynamic brake system are employed in this locomotive.Its running mechanism is of  the typical structure of the quasi-high speed bogie with good performance. The car body is of truss load bearing structure. The operator cab head portion is of appropriate streamlined structure at the tilt of 25°and its interior is rational in arrangement, with an air conditioner.

Basic DF11 Locomotive Parameters 


Axle arrangement

AC-DC transmission

Transmission mode




Locomotive nominal power


Wheel diameter


Axle load


Locomotive weight with full service


Maximum constant power speed

170 km/h

Maximum running speed


Maximum speed in dynamic test

A: 65.6km/h    B: 57.8km/h

Continuous speed

A: 245kN            B: 277kN

Maximum starting tractive effort

A: 160kN            B: 181.5kW

Continuous tractive effort


Center-to-center distance between two couplers

Locomotive height: 4736mm

Locomotive width: 3304mm

Maximum configuration


Minimum curvature radius negotiated


Fuel tank capacity

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