BHS (Baggage Handling Systems)

Vanderlande Industries designs, builds and services leading baggage handling systems for airports of all sizes. These belt, tub and/or track solutions combine operational effectiveness (low IR rates), short connection times and high conveyability. Based on proven technology, in-depth business knowledge and industry best-practises, they deliver the highest availability, reliability and lowest costs per bag.

The total handling process includes routing, tracking & tracing, information gathering and visualisation of process information. With interfaces for peripheral systems and functions. Keeping the entire baggage handling process under control.



Trend in BHS


  • Remote Check-in
  • Automated Check-in
  • Tracking & Tracing (Bagcheck, RFID, DCV, BRS)
  • New Security Regulations
  • Baxorter for Automatic Sorting
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Operational Automation
  • Process Optimization



Tue , 24 Apr 2018