Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Cogeneration refers to the same heat and power generation plant will be a joint together, referred to as CHP. Combined heat and power plant would have abandoned the common heat be used, in order to provide low-cost industrial and domestic heating with hot, this would greatly enhance thermal efficiency. The usual thermal energy, its efficiency is about 30 ~ 35%. This means that for every 1 MJ of energy output, there are two megajoules of energy wasted. This part of the heat re-used for heating water, near the factory fully meet the region's factories and residential heating needs. Cogeneration usually steam turbine-driven generator, but will exhaust is used to supplement the existing boiler plant heating, the total efficiency up to 80%.

Camda taken the responsibility to make use the energy effectively and to protect the environment.

The main advantages to customers of using CHP are:


  • Reduced energy costs;
  • Enhanced security of energy supply;
  • Reduced CO2 emissions, making a valuable contribution to the environment, particularly in light of Ireland’s Kyoto Protocol obligations;
  • Conservation of valuable fuel resources.

Wed , 20 Jun 2018