• Backhoe dredging, suction dredging and pile driving in one compact capabilities built sized machine
  • For shallow waters, lakes, rivers, canals, ponds and basin
  • “Walks” in and out of water without assistance and cruises with own propulsion system
  • Independent working movement and anchorage without winches and wire cable

 Multipurpose Watermaster

  • Watermaster replaces several one purpose machines and assisting vessels supporting them
  • Reduces investment, operational maintenance and transportation cost
  • Environmental working method
  • The change between working modes takes about 30 minutes
  • Watermaster is an ideal machine for civil engineering, construction and dredging companies as well as municipalities etc. Example Watermaster application
  • Maintenance and deepening, of rivers, lakes, canals,channels, marinas etc.
  • Removing vegetation (rooted)
  • Flood control
  • Reconstruction of shorelines, building quays
  • Maintenance of industrial pools
  • Cable and pipeline works
Working depths
  • Watermaster is designed for shallow waters
  • The maximum reach is 5.4 meters
  • The most efficient working depth is up to 4 meters
  • Watermaster uses front spuds and rear legs to the bottom
  • It can operate in very shallow waters, wetlands or even on dry ground
Mobility in land
  • Transportable on public roads on a standard size trailer
  • Is transported as a complete unit- no assembly times
  • Moves in and out of water without crane assistance
Mobility in water
  • Cruises to the site with own propulsion system
  • Moves at the site with excavator boom, spuds and propeller- no assisting vessels, anchors or wire cable needed
  • Can work in very shallow and narrow locations- where most other machines can not


Watermaster Parameters


(Caterpillar C7, turbo charged, water cooled, 6-cylinder diesel engine)

flywheel power at 2000 rpm

168 kW (225hp)

fuel tank capacity

1200 l

electric system





(one axial piston pump for dredging and propeller)

maximum operating pressure

320 bar


95 ccm/rev

maximum operating pressure

210 bar

(one axial piston pump for  digging and  stabilizer)

maximum operating pressure

210 bar


100 ccm/rev


swinging angle

180 degree

break-out force from bucket cylinder

77 kN

digging force from arm cylinder

40 kN

Lifting capacity at max. reach

16 kN

lifting capacity with power lift, at max reach

19 kN


front detachable floats, max depth

3.7 m

rear tilting spuds, max depth

4.9 m

Transport dimensions and weigh

Transport length (without boom)

10.45 m

Transport width

3.25 m

Transport height

3.05 m

Transport weight

17 t

Tue , 24 Apr 2018